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Alesis Microverb II

198?, digital stereo reverb unit.

Alesis Microverb II

This unit may look small and simple but it (used to be) one of my favourite reverbs (when I used hardware effects, see below). In clockwise order it has 4 small, 6 medium, 4 large and 2 gated reverbs. In my opinion; large reverb no.4 is the warmest and most inspiring big reverb in the world! Instant atmosphere, I use it all the time instead of other reverbs in my rack such as the Midiverb4. It will bring any sound to life and give it a natural ambience that sits in the mix really well. You will hear that reverb in many of my tunes.

I also use the gates sometimes to create nice effects on percusive sounds, very warm again. You can use the reverbs to get some top feedback effects too, tho be carefull not to destroy equipment in the process, I often drive the large reverb into the red which makes a lovely distorted reverb and I've had no side effects yet!

UPDATE March 2012 - These days I'm using all software effects; but I do intend to use hardware again given a better soundcard with sends/returns.


Sequencing / Mixing

  • Alesis Monitor One
  • Alesis 3630 Comp/Gate
  • Behringer 4xGate
  • LA Audio 4x4 Comp/Gate
  • Mackie SR 24:4
  • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
  • Akai MPK-61

Samplers / Multitrack

Effects Units

Other Stuff

  • Samson Condensor Mic
  • AKG Dynamic Mic
  • Dean Bass Guitar
  • Yamaha Pacifica 6 string
  • Roland HandyPad
  • Zoom H1

To listen to some of my music: Music / My Music