Max4Live Hardware Control

New toys are always great, but particularly when they are free! Max4Live is one of those wonderful free applications and provides tonnes of extra functionality to Live, but I’m currently testing a couple of devices for external hardware control.

I’ve used a couple of different solutions in the past for parameter control in the Sixtrak and the Pulse, and I use a stand-alone program for editing patches on the Matrix, but none of them are perfect and often involve messy workarounds to get them to work at all.

Six-trak Controller 1.0 by Jkamata (7th April 2013)

This works great… but…

Waldorf Pulse Editor by Ummo (17th March 2015)

This one is more complex, and I’m not entirely sure it’s all working correctly…

Oberheim Matrix 1000 Editor by StapleSyrup (30th July 2015)

Just discovered this one, will give it a try asap…

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