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Computer Help & IT Support

Computers can be incredibly frustrating when things aren’t going right, but with a patient and friendly personal assistant beside you we can sort it all out! Fix problems, learn new tricks, and take control of your computers, tablets, phones and home technology etc…

Area’s covered include: Paignton, Broadsands, Galmpton, Churston, Brixham, Kingswear, Dartmouth, South Hams, Torquay, Newton Abbot, almost anywhere as long as I can cover the time and fuel costs.

Why not make a note of all the questions or issues you have and get me round to have a look? Together we can solve any issues you have and get your computer back under your control, you can sleep better at night knowing everything is safe and working correctly.

Home Help Charges:

  • £15 per hour, basic rate for any of my services.
  • £5 travel expenses on the first hour just to cover my journey time and fuel etc. So, £20 for the first hour, £15 thereafter.

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“Chris helped me to operate my first computer after attending a preliminary course some 8 years ago. It became so slow in responding to requests I bought a new Windows PC which he unpacked, set it up and running. I now use it mainly for E-Mails, letters, writing my ‘Life Story’, and now about to investigate Ancestry and other Internet features.

I have known Chris for over 10 years and found him always helpful, knowledgeable, good at solving the many problems I encounter. As perhaps, due to age (93 in February) I confess to being a bit ‘slow on the uptake’ he has patience. Above all he is completely trustworthy and I can recommend him as a tutor.”

Geoff, Paignton

Do you need help to take control of your computer?

Are you exactly sure of what goes on inside your computer?! Is it safe and secure? Are your files like your photo collection backed up and safe from potential losses? I can help you get your computer back under your control, understand everything you see, and ensure that you cannot accidentally lose all your precious photos for example. Don’t wait until the day your computer stops working and then worry about if your photos are safe or not, some things you just cannot get back.

Is your email running efficiently? Do you get a lot of spam email or have trouble keeping contact with friends or family? I can help you utilise the free services online and make your email a safe and easy-to-use system which you can reply upon.

Are you using the full potential of your computer?

Do you need help with email, word-processing/printing, using the internet, using digital cameras, setting up a wireless network, anything in particular? Friendly and patient home help from only £15 an hour!

Is your PC running slow? Takes ages to do anything?!

Technical support and servicing for Windows computers

It can be a real pain if your computer starts playing up; acting slow; or perhaps has software/programs running which you don’t understand or never wanted?! Maybe it just needs a kick in the right direction, or maybe you need a service so it runs like when it was new, often better than new with my own custom tune-up!

Make your PC fun again, and more importantly ensure it is safe and secure – I can set you up with the official solution for keeping your machine safe from virus’ and exploits; without paying for antivirus type programs.

Choosing a new computer – Perhaps your computer is simply a bit passed-it and you need advice on what to replace it with? I can support you at every step; deciding if you need a tower or a laptop; what to do about a screen, and avoiding many of the additional costs that computer shops try to sell to unsuspecting customers, I can even come to the shop with you to help you make sense of the computers available.

  • Friendly and patient home computer help
  • PC upgrades / customisation / tune-ups
  • Assistance with tablets, mobile phones, technology around the home
  • Honest advice, no fix no fee

Age is no barrier, everybody can enjoy modern technology…

  • Children – Maybe your kids would benefit from some direct tuition and inspiration? Fun and engaging family sessions available.
  • Adults – Would you like to catch up with your kids?! Learn the tricks to get the best from your PC, tablets, smart-phones, cameras etc.
  • Senior Citizens – Older dogs do learn new tricks with the right help! Patience a speciality.

Small Business Computing

  • Do you need any help with office computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, email etc? Or using Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc.
  • Do you a custom Content Management Systems for your website which you need help to operate, or third-party advertising or promotional platforms you need to understand better?
  • Are you sure your business computer/s are being run cost effectively? I can give a free assessment of your IT and can suggest ways to save you money.
  • Would you like help with in-house graphic design or other advertising/promotional skills?

All businesses, however small, need to utilise the benefits of computers to assist in everyday tasks. Either for communications such as email and/or internet telephony such as Skype, for word processing and written correspondence, or for promotions and advertising admin or in-house creation.

Firstly are your computers running well? A well maintained computer should be your friend; and the age of the computer is not usually the problem. Computers should be serviced around once a year to ensure they run properly, perhaps every two years if they are looked after.

Choosing software can be confusing, ideally you want the minimum software add-ons on your PC to ensure it runs the best it can. Do you understand exactly what is installed on your computer? Are you paying subscriptions for anti-virus or anything you don’t fully understand? Computers are rarely setup for best operation and often include far too much clutter, I can advise you on all this and likely make big improvements to the efficiency of your business technology.