The Studio

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Over 20 years in the making, and always under development. To a vocalist or recording client it would be called ‘Flite Studios’, to me for my music it’s now called ‘Oscillator Laboratories’. Originally a MIDI centric network of cables combined through a traditional mixing desk, now a truly modern facility based around a digital audio workstation; but still integrating those extra-special vintage sounds.

Keyboards / Synthesizers

Drum Machines

Sequencing / Mixing

Samplers / Multitrack

Effects Units

  • Alesis Midiverb 4
  • Alesis Quadraverb (x2)
  • Alesis Microverb II
  • Peavey DSR1000
  • Boss RV1000

Other Stuff

  • Samson Condensor Mic
  • AKG Dynamic Mic
  • Dean Bass Guitar
  • Yamaha Pacifica 6 string
  • Roland HandyPad
  • Zoom H1
  • Sennheiser headphones (x2)

Studio Blog

akai-amx DJ’ing with Ableton & Akai AMX 4th August 2015 - So, I accepted my first DJ gig – can’t be that hard can it?! With Ableton it really isn’t actually, I collected tunes over a few months; learned how to set the cue point and BPM,… read on…
Simmons SDS9 – Manual 15th January 2007 - My friend has had his Simmons SDS9 for years but we had never fully worked out the MIDI functions due to not having a complete manual. Now, thanks to a member of the vintage-synth forums, we… read on…
Roland HandyPad (Pad-5) 20th April 2006 - A very spontaneous purchase, I picked up a Roland Pad-5 midi controller which I didn’t know existed before seeing it listed on eBay. It’s halfway between a toy pad, such as the Yamaha DD series,… read on…