The Studio

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Over 20 years in the making, and always under development. To a vocalist or recording client it would be called ‘Flite Studios’, to me for my music it’s now called ‘Oscillator Laboratories’. Originally a MIDI centric network of cables combined through a traditional mixing desk, now a truly modern facility based around a digital audio workstation; but still integrating those extra-special vintage sounds.

Keyboards / Synthesizers

Drum Machines

Sequencing / Mixing

Samplers / Multitrack

Effects Units

  • Alesis Midiverb 4
  • Alesis Quadraverb (x2)
  • Alesis Microverb II
  • Peavey DSR1000
  • Boss RV1000

Other Stuff

  • Samson Condensor Mic
  • AKG Dynamic Mic
  • Dean Bass Guitar
  • Yamaha Pacifica 6 string
  • Roland HandyPad
  • Zoom H1
  • Sennheiser headphones (x2)

Studio Blog

akai-amx DJ’ing with Ableton & Akai AMX 4th August 2015 - So, I accepted my first DJ gig – can’t be that hard can it?! With Ableton it really isn’t actually, I collected tunes over a few months; learned how to set the cue point and BPM,… read on…
Max4Live Hardware Control 3rd July 2015 - New toys are always great, but particularly when they are free! Max4Live is one of those wonderful free applications and provides tonnes of extra functionality to Live, but I’m currently testing a couple of devices… read on…
Simmons SDS9 – Manual 15th January 2007 - My friend has had his Simmons SDS9 for years but we had never fully worked out the MIDI functions due to not having a complete manual. Now, thanks to a member of the vintage-synth forums, we… read on…
Roland HandyPad (Pad-5) 20th April 2006 - A very spontaneous purchase, I picked up a Roland Pad-5 midi controller which I didn’t know existed before seeing it listed on eBay. It’s halfway between a toy pad, such as the Yamaha DD series,… read on…