Mackie SR24:4

24 channel, 4 bus , 6 auxiliary, analogue mixing desk

Mackie SR24:4

This fantastic console used to be the solid centre of my studio, grouping 24 audio channels of synths, samplers and effects into one place, and also serving as the performance interface for live dub reggae type effects such as feedback delays and reverbs, dubbing the mix etc. The sound quality is perfect, transparent as a desk should be, the EQ is the same; does what its supposed to do without any unintended consequences. It’s other major strength to me is how much power in such a small console, this is as condensed as a mixing desk can be without becoming claustrophobic; it’s ergonomically and practically very well made indeed.

But I no longer use it, these days I have 6 hardware synths which go directly into my soundcard, my hardware effects units and samplers all switched off, the mixing desk is nothing but an attractive centre piece; like the homely glow of a fake fireplace. That said; I cannot bring myself to part with this gorgeous bit of hardware. It would be a really good live desk, for example if you were running a stage at a music festival and needed to be able to accommodate multiple acts at the same time, bands, an MC etc, just add a PA system – but I don’t run a stage! Dilemma, I know if I sell it I’ll find a use for it the very next day … Anyway, a highly recommended console.


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