Festival Photography

Waveform lasers

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Green Gathering, August 2016

My third GG and definitely an annual outing to the lovely Piercefield Park in Chepstow, I was doing sound control again which is a fairly easy task given that its not a rave with massive sound systems. I didn’t do much photography but I got a second attempt at the fire show; which is quite a challenging subject given the contrast of very bright lights with the very dark surroundings – always trying to get Piercefield House in the background and some context to the images. Great weekend.

Triplicity Festival, June 2016

Great weekend! This is the only psy specific festival in Britain and the most important event on my calendar. It was a huge opportunity in networking for me, meeting some awesome producers and DJ’s, as well as the very best psy I have ever heard and danced to; on the best sound systems I’ve ever heard. ZZ Bing and Arjuna where my highlights, both awesome sets to a packed out psy tent. I even got to play a chill set myself at 7am on the Saturday morning; which was a daunting but successful session.

I was working hard doing sound control so didn’t get much time for photography really, but these pics will provide some memories of what was the best psy event I’ve been to thus far….

Alchemy Festival, Lincolnshire, September 2015

I had a feeling that Alchemy Festival was a good one so I offered my services in sound/noise control and drove the 5 hours up to Lincolnshire, and boy was it worth it! Given that Triplicity was horrible weather; that made Alchemy my highlight of the year for sure. We had amazing weather all weekend, really nice friendly vibe throughout, nice variety of different music and venues etc. In the evenings I made my home in the psytrance Mushroom stage and had a really great time; I even danced quite a lot!

Sussexfest, August 2015

Just a one-day event with overnight camping which I was doing Sound Control for, we got super hot sunny conditions and in-between work I took some pictures of the people and the place.

Green Gathering, Chepstow, 2015

I was doing Sound Control again and missed some opportunities for sunny pics on the Saturday evening – but managed to time for a Sunday photo mission around the site.

Green Gathering, Chepstow, 2014

My second festival this year and another great weekend, again I was working on sound level monitoring and control which seems to be a role that’s in demand; so twice the experience now. Similar weather to Sunrise in that we only had one day of proper sunshine which fell on the Sunday; so I took the opportunity to get some photos:

Sunrise Celebration, Chepstow, 2014

Great festival, but I was working pretty hard managing the sound and noise side of things so didn’t get a lot of time for photography. When the sun came out on the Sunday I managed to find time for a wander around the site and got some pics:

Waveform Festival, Taunton, 2012

I’ve always loved the music festival vibe but now I am getting involved myself as a volunteer to meet contacts in the music industry as well as have a good time! This years Waveform Festival in Taunton was absolutely brilliant, from the healing field to the dance tents; a little slice of freedom and just how a festival should be.

My job for the weekend was to capture the opening ceremony for the Quantum Healing Temple, and to document the activities in the World Shift forum including an audio interview with one of the organizers, I hope I’ve achieved all my roles in a professional manner; whilst being able to chill out and enjoy a proper good festival!

Waveform Festival, Wiltshire, 2008

I was at Waveform back in 2008 as a roadie with Drumscapes, it was a bit muddy that year but the site was still in a wonderful picturesque location. It was wandering around on my own overnight where I discovered how nice an atmosphere Waveform has and how cool psytrance basslines are! Hooked I was, and the rest is history…