Club Nights Photography

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Aumniverse @ Images, Plymouth, June 2018

Wow what an amazing Aumniverse that was, blessed we were with a club full of love, great tunes all night, awesome new lasers, lots of happy people πŸ™‚

Riddim Soundz Boat Part, May 2018

Couldn’t turn down a boat party on a perfect hot sunny day with calm conditions in the bay! From Torquay to Brixham and taking our time back along the coast, great views all the way. Tunes were kickin and drinks were flowing and lots of happy people πŸ™‚ Then back to the Attic for the hardcore… Really good night! Respect the Riddim ….

Neurotrition @ The Attic, May 2018

Wicked fun night, quality tunes all the way, place looked amazing, lots of happy smiling faces πŸ™‚

Aumniverse @ Images, Plymouth, April 2018

Buzzing atmos in Images once again, Aumniverse sound system in full effect; decor and backdrops glowing with psychedelic colours, great tunes, lots of happy ppl πŸ™‚

Pollen Tribe @ The Hexagon, March 2018

Adventures In Bass – Osara Dance at The Hexagon in Dartington. Busy night with a nice variety of dancy tunes and lots of happy people, and the wonderful Fractal Teapot visuals, topped off with a live impro performance from Avalon Roots and Friends.

Neurotrition “Triplicity Promo” Night, March 2018

Neuro presents Triplicity Festival promo party! What a kicking night, wicked tunes from the beginning, club looked amazing! Great having Triplicity’s George down at Neuro πŸ™‚

TRiBE of FRoG ~ Fresh Frog! @ Lakota, Bristol, Feb 2018

Wow what an amazing night! Killer Void sound system, wicked tunes, Lakota looking amazing in ToF decor, loads of colourful happy people, so very glad I drove up! Got some lens shadow in some pics, gonna fix that for the next session…

Aumniverse @ Images, Plymouth, Feb 2018

Awesome night with the new Opus sound system and all the amazing backdrops and decor looking amazing. Great atmosphere and lovely people, made a good first outing for my new lens!

Pollen Tribe @ Dartington, January 2018

Great night at the Hexagon in Dartington, I really enjoyed warming the place up with an hour of psy-dub vibes, leading up to Generalee Richards throwing down the psytrance … Amazing place, tricky photography ..

Neurotrition @ The Attic, Torquay, January 2018

The first Neurotrition of the year was a special one with Svess and Dexter on the decks. Busy night with a great atmosphere, top sets from all the DJ’s, lots of happy people as always, awesome night πŸ™‚

Aumniverse @ Images, Plymouth, Dec 2017

Great night, really busy in there, club looked great, good variety of quality music through the night, lots of happy ppl πŸ™‚ I’m doing quite a lot of video too, improving my editing skills etc, vids on facebook.

Neurotrition @ The Attic, November 2017

Another high quality psytrance night in Torquay, great selection of tunes and lots of lovely people.

Fierce Halloween Special @ The Attic, Oct 2017

One crazy night of sin and forbidden pleasures in The Attic for Halloween. Ilogik and Fierce DJs putting on a show, great decor and lighting, dancefloor buzzing all night, great fun taking pics, top night.

Aumniverse @ Images Nightclub, Plymouth, Oct 2017

Proper good night down at Images in Plymouth, really busy on the dance floor, great decor and backdrops, nice selection of tunage over the 7+ hours, lovely people as always, Aumniverse at its best!

Neurotrition @ The Attic, Sept 2017

Wow what a night, from the very beginning the dance floor was buzzing and the vibe was high.. Neuro decor looking wonderful, great tunes all the way through, lots of happy people having a good time!

Fluid Frequencies @ Winstons, Seaton, Aug 2017

Some pics from a wicked night over in Seaton, South-East Devon. Top quality sound and lighting, great tunes all the way, really nice vibe in there. Gonna be back for sure! I’ve got quite a bit of video to edit as well. (See my facebook page)

Aumniverse Summer Gathering @ Images, Plymouth, August 2017

A handful of pics from a great night at the Aumniverse Summer Party:

Aumniverse @ Images, Plymouth, June 2017

We arrived fashionably late for the second half of the night, but made up for it πŸ™‚

Neurotrition @ The Attic, May 2017

Really good night, really busy all evening, great selection of music from all the DJ’s, lots of happy smiling faces πŸ™‚ Struggling with a damaged camera lens though; uneven focus and unreliable AF.

TRiBE of FRoG – Lakota, Bristol, AprilΒ 2017

Lakota! What a mad place, 4 rooms each with a different character and nice old skool feel to it, really friendly chilled out atmosphere. Cheers to Luke and Seb for taking some pics while I was busy.Β I had a wicked time playing in the dark room, thanks to those who came to support me and all those happy faces I remember seeing out there on the dancefloor!

Neurotrition @ The Attic, March 2017

Back in the newly refurbished Attic for the first time, Neurotrition brings the best in psytrance to the bay once again. Great night, lots of happy smiley people as always.

Aumniverse @ Images Nightclub, Plymouth, Feb 2017

Proper good night down at Images in Plymouth once again, great sound and lighting, lots of happy smiley colourful people! I shot lots of video as well which will be edited into a promo video soon.

Re-opening Party @ The Attic, Torquay, Feb 2017

The Attic is back in full effect after the refurb and looking pretty amazing πŸ™‚ Big night with proper tunes and lots of very happy crazy ppl! Bring it on!