The home of Chris Harvey from Paignton, England

Welcome! On my website you will find pages about almost every aspect of my life including my business of web and graphic design, home computer support, also my music and home studio, classic synths and musical gear, photography, astronomy, video and multimedia production etc etc.

Photography - Club Nights
Photography - Music Festivals
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Photography – Club Nights
Photography – Music Festivals
Web Design
Home Computer Support

Studio Blog:

Oh boy do I have some changes to write up some time soon! I’ve sold almost all of my old studio hardware; literally leaving myself with only one keyboard for the first time I can remember! I’m now based around a laptop with a few important tools; all portable with the intention of using them in a live rig, now including a Eurorack modular system! I’ll get round to adding pics etc very soon 😀

akai-amx DJ’ing with Ableton & Akai AMX 4th August 2015 - So, I accepted my first DJ gig – can’t be that hard can it?! With Ableton it really isn’t actually, I collected tunes over a few months; learned how to set the cue point and BPM,… read on…
Simmons SDS9 – Manual 15th January 2007 - My friend has had his Simmons SDS9 for years but we had never fully worked out the MIDI functions due to not having a complete manual. Now, thanks to a member of the vintage-synth forums, we… read on…

Latest Music:

Please see my soundcloud pages: OSCLab (Psytrance), Flite Music (Other Music). I’m taking my time to get some proper good music made but hoping to get a first release this year sometime (2018).

These albums below are from my early days but from a time when I had a real method to my music making, there’s a lot of curious instruments and samples; and a lot of heart and soul went into these:

Flite - Polymath (2008) Flite – Polymath, A demo of a demo (2008) 30th May 2015 - This was the first album since moving into the modern world with Cubase SX on a PC. A collection of 30 tunes written over 3 years, Polymath contains many unfinished works and untidy moments, but… read on…
Flite - Red Shift (2005) Flite – Red Shift (2005) 30th May 2015 - This short album was a farewell to my faithful Atari ST before moving to PC. The Atari is the perfect midi machine really; rock solid under any conditions, it crashed occasionally as everything does but… read on…

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