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Flite Media - The home of Chris Harvey from Paignton, S.Devon, England

On the site you will find pages about almost every aspect of my life including my business of web and graphic design, also my music and home studio, classic synths and musical gear, photography, astronomy, video and multimedia production, power kites, skateboarding and surfing, computer games etc.

I update the music and web design pages fairly regularly but there are also some very old pages that I have left online doing some service on the net. Sometime soon I'll do a proper site update.

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Why not listen to some of my music while you browse? Click here to open my music page in another window!

Photography @ Green Gathering 2014 (7/8/2014)

Fire Dancers at Green Gathering 2014

My second festival this year and another great weekend up at Chepstow in South Wales. Once again sunny Sunday provided an opportunity for some photography, as well as the fire dancing later that evening: see here.

Bright Noctilucent Cloud Display (3/7/2014)

Nice NLC display 3rd July 2014

I got lucky and chanced upon one of the first proper NLC displays of the year; perhaps one of the best in recent times, and certainly the strongest display I've seen, very high resoultion images: see here.

Photography @ Sunrise Celebration 2014 (5/6/2014)

The Summer Of Love is back, every year at Sunrise Celebration

I'm getting very involved with the music festival scene now and worked as sound manager at Sunrise this year; this meant running around managing noise levels and enforcing sound system shut downs at the end of the night etc. I was mighty busy the whole weekend, but I still managed to get some photography in on the sunny Sunday: see here.

Photography @ Waveform Festival 2012 (7/9/2012)

Multi-coloured lasers in the Gaia Chill tent at Waveform Festival 2012

I've always loved the festival vibe but now I am getting involved myself as a volunteer to meet contacts in the music industry as well as have a great time! This years Waveform Festival in Taunton was absolutely brilliant, from the healing field to the dance tents; a little slice of freedom and just how a festival should be.

I've uploaded the highlights of my weekends photography here, hopefully this will be the start of a new direction for me and I'll be able to cover more festivals next year.

Flite Media is sponsoring local skier Cameron Thomas (17/10/2011)

Cameron at the Anglo-Scottish Cup 2011

Young Cameron Thomas is already making his presence felt in the highly competetive world of skiing, during the Summer 2011 season alone he has acheived 19 podiums out of 25 races, including 2 National Championship titles and winner of the Celtic Cup Series. Myself, and one my website clients, are sponsoring him with a full website to assist with promotion and gaining further funding.

Check out the great pictures and video on the website, also if you think you may be able to help please get in touch:

Finally some new photography - Lightning (7/5/2011)

Latest update to the website; some photo's of the lightning storm which passed through South Hams last night, none of the images are very good but they are my best so far: click here.

I now have a SOUNDCLOUD page! (20/12/2010)

I wouldn't make a great blogger, or a good tweeter, but may I draw your attention to the fact I have finally updated my music page! Somehow I managed to find enough confidence to put my entire back catalogue of music online and I've even started a SoundCloud page for my latest works in progress, click here.

Also may I wish you a very happy festive season :) I promise I'll be back in the new year with more updates!

International Year of Astronomy 2009 (7/1/2009)

International Year of Astronomy 2009

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the birth of modern astronomy. In 1609, firstly Thomas Harriot, and then a few months later Galileo, turned the new technology of the day on the night sky and opened a new chapter in the understanding of the universe. It is hard to imagine how it must have felt to be the first person to witness the landscape of the Moon, to see the cloud belts of Jupiter, the complex ring systems of Saturn, sun spots etc, looking through the eye-piece of a telescope and seeing these things for yourself is truly mind blowing.

Back in antiquity there was no light pollution and only fire to light the evenings, so the night sky would have been an unmissable feature of the dark hours starting a determined journey in understanding what we see and interpreting our place within it. These days most people don't even notice the stars due to the light pollution of the city, the only features that stand out are the brightest objects such as the Moon. This disconnection often means when somebody spots a bright light in the night sky such as Venus they will have no idea what it is, despite the fact that it is an annual sight which our ancient ancestors would have been totally familiar with.

So with this in mind, all astronomers are called to action to help as many people as possible rediscover the night sky. I will be trying to get as many people to look through my telescope as possible and hopefully can try to explain some of what they see. That first sight of Saturn's rings or the moons of Jupiter can change somebody's outlook on life forever.

Many schools, observatories and amateurs are participating by running open evenings and observing sessions, talks and lectures, visits to planetariums etc, there will be something in your area. If you would like to get involved, see celestial sights for yourself, organize or visit a star party etc, please get in contact and I'll help where I can.

New website coded to web content accessibility guidelines (30/8/2006)

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

The site is now up to date with my web design skills. It is fully in accordance with current web standards and complies to accessibility guidelines making the site accessible to people with disabilities. Also the site will function correctly on almost any web enabled electronic device from a mobile phone to a braille reader for example. The content of the site is independent from the layout and styling; therefore I can control how these pages display in different situations. Well worth all the hard work.

All my recent clients websites are being made this way too now as this method of web design helps in many every-day areas which old methods fall down on such as printing web pages and search engine optimisation.

Comment 20th Dec 2010 - Hard to believe I said this only 5 years ago, it is taken as normal routine these days...

Ecological Initiative (24/12/2005)

Recycle Symbol

I have started an ecological initiative. Firstly, I am committed to recycling everything I possibly can. Also I am making ecology a priority when choosing suppliers, products and my sources of consumables. I wish for my company to be setting an example to others. We can make a difference, and if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Click here to read more...

Paignton Windfest 2003 (10/2/2006)

Paignton Winfest 2003

I have kept the Windfest page up because it is one of the only records that the event ever happened! Unfortunately, but inevitably, the event only lasted one year at Paignton for obvious weather issues etc. However that doesn't mean the event was not a success, the weekend was excellent with two days of very different weather conditions providing a variety of sports and entertainment. Click here to read more...

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