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Welcome! On my website you will find pages about almost every aspect of my life including my business of web and graphic design, also my music and home studio, classic synths and musical gear, photography, astronomy, video and multimedia production etc etc.


Neurotrition @ The Attic, Torquay, Sept 2017

Awesome night, the club was looking proper good so I managed to get some top quality shots…

Photography @ Fluid Frequencies, Winstons in Seaton, August 2017

Wicked night over in Seaton, South-East Devon. Top quality sound and lighting, great tunes all the way, really nice vibe in there. Gonna be back for sure!

Golden evening light at Galmpton Creek, June 2017

Galmpton Creek - 20th June 2017

The British Summertime is here and photography is one of the best motivations I have to get outdoors. I’ve got a lot to learn with landscape pictures but this one has come out pretty good I think.

Photography for Don’t Jinx It! @ The Attic, December 2016

I’m doing lots of photography for club nights these days, the pics go up on FaceBook but I’m also putting them up here, check em out!

Milky Way from my back garden! (3rd May 2016)


Never expected to get useful pictures of the Milky Way from home really…

Photography @ Alchemy Festival 2015

My fourth but unfortunately last festival of the 2015 season, again working on sound control, but got plenty of time for photography (and dancing!)

Photography @ Green Gathering 2015

Annual trip to the wonderful Piercefield Park in Chepstow, South Wales. I didn’t get a lot of time for photography but managed to grab some pics on the Sunday

Bright Noctilucent Cloud Display (3/7/2014)


I got lucky and chanced upon one of the first proper NLC displays of the year; perhaps one of the best in recent times, and certainly the strongest display I’ve seen, very high resolution images.

Studio Blog:

akai-amx DJ’ing with Ableton & Akai AMX 4th August 2015 - So, I accepted my first DJ gig – can’t be that hard can it?! With Ableton it really isn’t actually, I collected tunes over a few months; learned how to set the cue point and BPM,… read on…
Max4Live Hardware Control 3rd July 2015 - New toys are always great, but particularly when they are free! Max4Live is one of those wonderful free applications and provides tonnes of extra functionality to Live, but I’m currently testing a couple of devices… read on…

Latest Music:

Flite - Polymath (2008) Flite – Polymath, A demo of a demo (2008) 30th May 2015 - This was the first album since moving into the modern world with Cubase SX on a PC. A collection of 30 tunes written over 3 years, Polymath contains many unfinished works and untidy moments, but… read on…
Flite - Red Shift (2005) Flite – Red Shift (2005) 30th May 2015 - This short album was a farewell to my faithful Atari ST before moving to PC. The Atari is the perfect midi machine really; rock solid under any conditions, it crashed occasionally as everything does but… read on…

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