Flite – Chain “Flite” (1998)

Wow, we can now burn CD’s at home! But unfortunately at the time all the tunes were mastered to TDK SA90 chrome cassettes as you will hear from the tape hiss. You will also notice the old skool artwork having been done on an Acorn Archimedes computer, not exactly Photoshop! And don’t ask me why I used fluorescent yellow CD cases; seemed like a good idea at the time!

My favorite tune on here has to be Mary Jane, using a sample of an awesome track by The Alkaholics. The breaks and bassline all work pretty nicely; a nice little ‘trip’. Also Bug was a nice attempt at using samples from the Alien movie and also a slamming breakbeat recorded on a drum kit at a mates place. Then the two final tracks; Copper Beach and Golden Green both have a really nice vibe; but I did drive the last tune onto tape too hard so you’ll hear the tape saturation. Prizes may be given for identifying samples in those two tracks 😉


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