Flite – Flite Music (2000)

My second full album, starting to get cleaner and tidier but still having fun. If you look at the artwork you’ll see its actually a screengrab of the desktop of my Acorn Archimedes computer with the art program open, this had a colour monitor but the printer was monochrome!

I guess I started this with the cleanest track I had; so Whitesun is quite a well polished and nicely chilled track. Splice Mux is kinda Squarepusher inspired jazz using some of our own drum kit recordings and lots of abstract Chick Corea inspired electric piano playing. Exorcist is probably the stand-out track; nu-skool breaks based around samples and the music of the film. The opening melodies of Ambientate are still some of the best I have ever made; and evoke powerful memories for me. Rudely interrupted by Jazz which totally makes a joke out of everything serious I stand for, great fun tho!

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