Alesis Quadraverb

1988, MIDI, Digital Stereo Multi-Effects Unit

Alesis Quadraverb

The Quadraverb is a very flexible and controllable multi-effects unit with EQ, reverb, delay, resonator, flanger, phaser, ring modulation etc. The reason my Quad has been such a major part of my music is the midi control; 6 selectable realtime controllers based on which effects you have running in that patch. I have a patch setup especially for this job: Midi controlled reverb and delay; delay time left, delay time right, delay feedback left, delay feedback right, delay input level and reverb input level. What more do you need! Everything starts dry until you bring the delay or reverb input level up via midi. This is an excellent patch for making complex short delay patterns and again you will hear this a lot in my older music.

Unfortunately my PC isn’t quite as good at midi parameter control as my old Atari was. Maybe it’s my soundcard or whatever but the Atari could handle far more midi data simultaneously than my PC can and this is highlighted by the intensive Quadraverb control that I used to use. I want to fix this; see update below.

The presets on the Quad are very good quality and inspiring to flick through. It has flexible routing options and plenty ways to customize the sound. The resonator has 6 channels so you can produce some great pitched sounds with that. I really like the phase shifter too, excellent for using before duby delays in the chain. This unit is also my primary unit for feeding back mono dub delays as it is pure and clean with no detrimental colouration. An all round very useful effects rack. I actually have two but the screen on one is totally dead so I just blindly wonder through its presets.

Update March 2012: My hardware effects units are all in hibernation due to the software world – however; I plan to get a soundcard capable of sending/receiving to hardware effects units some day and the Quadraverb is one of the effects racks that I want to be available. I’ve just spotted replacement screens on eBay for £20 so I will be able to fix those. Also note there are the Quadraverb Plus, Quadraverb GT, Quadraverb 2, and Quadraverb 20 (RRP when new: £899!!) – all look very good indeed but I have never used them.


  • Alesis Quadraverb Manual PDF
  • Alesis Quadraverb Patcher 1.4 by Karl E Schmidt(Screenshot)
    This is an old program and I havent tested it myself, in the readme file it suggests making another backup before using this so be careful and use this at your own risk.
    NEWS: I have a report from Luca in Italy saying that it does work but only under XP/2000 or before; it will not work on Win 7, tested with a Quadraverb Plus and all working: “Midi connections are good but it’s very slow and you can manage only single patch!” – Thanks Luca 🙂
  • How do I reinitialize my QuadraVerb?
    Power on while holding: “BYPASS” and “PROGRAM”. After the usual power-up screens an initialized “Basic Program” will appear at location 00. Clears memory, restores the original factory settings.

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